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Guided Tours

Badger Holt
Widecombe in the moor

Looking for a way to make the most of your time?

Then why not book a personally tailored guided tour of any of the beautifully stunning places we have here on offer. 

We offer a bespoke Guided Tour services covering the entire

South Hams district of South Devon and even further afield depending on the Tour you choose.

Whether its a gift for yourself or someone else

give us a call!  

Choose your Tour

Dartmoor Tors Tour

Explore the stunning views and learn about the history of Dartmoor National Park with a tour personally tailored to suit you and your parties needs.

Agatha Christie Tour

Find yourself immersed in the life and history of one of Great Britain's most prolific and influential murder mystery authors with a guided tour of where she was born to where she spent her days creating what we have all grown to adore... her stories!

Stadium Tours

A tour for the sports enthusiasts, where you get to choose the sport, the stadium and the team of your dreams to attend and spend the day cheering on your favourite sports stars.

The Myths and Legends Dartmoor Tour

Book yourself a guided journey and find yourself encapsulated in the Magical Myths and Legends Stories which are a huge part in the history of Dartmoor National Park.

South Devon Coastal Tour

Travel around the beautiful coast line whilst stopping along the way to breathe in the fresh air and capture the magnificent views of South Devon's stunning beaches, historical rocks and coastal views.

Christmas Market Trips

A treat for the shopping enthusiasts where you can choose the location of the Christmas Market and leave the rest to us! 

we booked a coastal tour and we couldn't be more satisfied with the tour itself, Mike who was our driver collected us from our hotel and drove us around the various locations we had chosen which included Salcombe, Hope Cove, South Milton and then up and around Bantham and out to Burgh Island. we had plenty of time to stop and we also went for the picnic extra which had champagne and strawberries along with an assortment of sandwiches and cakes that we had chosen from the menu options given. It was amazing! Thank You Mike!

Roberta Walters

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