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Fare Share

Welcome to Station Cabs Totnes

Fare Share Bookings

The Fare Share Scheme is dedicated to providing our customers the opportunity to not only save themselves up to 75% of their taxi fare but also provide the option to lessen the environmental impact a taxi service has on the beautiful locations we're all here to be a apart of. 

So how does it work?

Well, if you're heading to either Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Salcombe or any of the other beautiful locations within the South Hams from Totnes Rail Station then you simply send a booking request which you can do so by clicking here! and if there are other passengers heading to the same location as yourself then you get to share the fare by sharing the taxi.

Not only is it a great way to meet new people while you travel in comfort, you also get to save money and lower the carbon footprint of a taxi service leaves which means the environment benefits too!

Why send 4 taxis to the same location when you can share it with others?!

Request a Booking

Thanks for the request your confirmation will follow shortly

Fare Share can only be given whereupon a minimum of two passengers are booking the same taxi at the same time of collection from Totnes Rail Station or any other location within the South Hams.
Fare Share is a pre-booked service only and cannot be granted at any public taxi rank.
Where two or more passengers agree to booking a Fare Share taxi they are entering into a verbal contractual agreement with each other to share the full cost of the taxi fare among the amount of passengers within the taxi. 
If a booking is made and there is no one else booking the taxi at the same time then the Fare Share service cannot be granted and the single passenger is liable to pay the full cost of the taxi fare at the end of the journey.
Where a booking is made and there are no other participants to share the cost of the taxi Station Cabs Totnes will contact the single passenger and inform them of this on the phone number required for any booking.  
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