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About Us.....

 We are a well established, trusted and respected Totnes taxi service providing reliable and affordable taxi transfers from Totnes Rail Station

We're considered by our customers, to be the best local Totnes taxi service with a genuine 5 star rating!

We're dedicated to providing a fresh new approach to Local taxi services in the South Hams area  

Why Choose Us?


Continuous 5 Star reviews

With a 100% 5 star Google review record, you can be assured by the statements made by our repeated customers that you're in safe and responsible hands.


Passion For the Work

We are nothing if not passionate!

Travel assistance is our pride and joy.

So let us use that passion to get you to the destinations you feel passionate about.


Top Tier Totnes Taxi

Finding the right taxi, for the right journey may not be the priority for our competitors but for us it's what we're dedicated to and it's what we do best.

We're here for you, day and night and we won’t stop until we get you safely from wherever you are, to where you need to be.

We have Solutions for all of your local taxi needs......

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